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    Submission Guidelines

    Submission Guidlines

    • You may address your letter to more than one recipient, so long as all recipients are from the same time arc. For example, “Dear Sora” is just as fine as, “Dear Sora and Kairi.” “Dear FourYearOld!Sora and KHII!Riku” however, is NOT.
    • Letters addressed to specific organizations, such as The Restoration Committee or Organization XIII will be answered by whoever is on hand at the moment. So for example, if you address your letter to The Gullwings, you won’t know for sure if either Yuna, Rikku, or Paine (or some combination thereof) will be the one who gets back to you.
    • Absolutely no role-playing! These are letters! Submissions with anything along the lines of *insert action here* will be discarded.
    • You may write a letter from the perspective of another Kingdom Hearts character
    • We ARE accepting letters addressed to characters from different points of the KH timeline, so please indicate which era-character you are writing to. If you don’t give any indication, we will go with our first assumption.
    • Your letter must be comprehensible. If we can’t understand it, we will not answer it.
    • Letters addressing games that have yet to be released will not be answered.
    • We ARE accepting all letters addressed to KH Originals, Final Fantasy, and Disney characters.
    • It seems ridiculous to us that we’d have to actually write this into the guidelines, but any form of libel or slander directed towards real people, or down-right offensive material will not be published. This will be at our own discretion. 
    • If you’re wondering what constitutes as “offensive material”, just don’t send us stuff like: “dear character, wat wud u do if u wer raped”. Seriously. Stay classy, okay? Please and thank you.
    • If you include UNSOURCED art in your submission, we must regrettably refrain from posting your letter.
    • If the submission link is not visible, please do not send a letter through the fan-mail system, unless it is to the admins. This means that our inbox is CLOSED due to backlog, and we will have no choice but to delete any letters sent in this way. (if our inbox is open however, and you prefer sending letters in this way, by all means go ahead)