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    Dear anon,

    You can make your own sea salt ice cream???

    Uh, we just buy them at the store…we don’t really know how to make ‘em…

    Maybe we should try it though! Then we could have sea salt ice cream whenever we wanted!

    Axel, Roxas, and Xion



    Dear anon,

    Just like me in every way? Sorry sweetie, but I’m an original. But I suppose if she’s anything like me, I gotta respect her for that—so long as she stays out of my way.




    Dear anon,

    I’m afraid I do not have the time to think of such things. If this “family” truly wishes to annihilate Organization XIII… well, let them try.



    Dear anon,

    Man oh man, people won’t quit it with the hints to jump off a cliff. You guys suddenly not like me or something?



    Dear crowdsourceinspiration,

    I don’t know, that first verse seems like it’s written about Luxord.

    But still, that about sums it up… interesting that someone has bothered trying to understand what we are… how we live.



    (link in letter)


    Dear anon,

    Hehe, alright—got it memorized.



    Dear anon,

    I’ll confess I’ve never really given much thought to the matter. Statistically, I’ve heard blue is a very calming and relaxing color.